O.E. Quality Automotive Caps

Welcome to INDACO - O.E.Quality Automotive Caps

Both Metal and Plastic Caps for Automotive, Commercial and 
Agricultural Applications.   

“INDACO” is a ISO9001 Certified company.

Our more than 40years of experience and a humble beginning in
manufacturing has helped us achieve and give our customers
100% quality products.
All caps are tested on Latest testing equipments and quality is insured at
every step of production. Our Technical and Practically qualified staff is
always engaged in development of new products and improving the
production capabilities of our company.
All our Radiator caps are 100% pressure tested. Radiator caps are
available in different pressures.
All the Radiator caps. Oil Caps & Fuel Caps are made as per OEM standards
using high quality Raw materials & Rubber seals ensuring Leak proof
Brass and stainless steel is mainly used for Metal caps with a option of Mild steel
TOP or a stainless steel TOP. Top branding of customer brands is also
available for metal caps.

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